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Inside REX Coaching you get lifetime access to the proven step-by-step blueprint that will scale your Real-Estate sales from 0 to $10m in 2024 and beyond. Unlock 40 hours of high energy, actionable material to make you a top performer and transact efficiently in any market.

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A Trusted Authority in Real Estate Celebrated by Industry Leaders...

Recognized by leading news giants like CBC, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, BNN Bloomberg, and The Globe and Mail, my insights and expertise in real estate have consistently been honored on the world stage. This is the mark of reliability and excellence.
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Rule Breakers Are Record Makers...

Forget conventional wisdom; the path I will teach you is about shattering limits and setting new benchmarks. Each milestone is a battle won in the relentless war against mediocrity. You're not just observing success; you're getting an inside look at what it means to revolutionize an industry and mentor the next generation of leaders.
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Inside REX Impact Module

40 hours of high energy, actionable material to make you a top performer. Breaking down BIG ideas and goals into bite sized lesson plans, to compound your knowledge and win at all things real estate.

Mindset, Confidence & Professional Development
This week lays the groundwork for success, focusing on personal development strategies for facing challenges and triumphs in the real estate industry. Learn to maintain a positive outlook, set goals, and cultivate a professional demeanor.
Strategic Lead Generation
This week covers the essentials of identifying and targeting your ideal market, leveraging digital and traditional marketing channels, and crafting compelling messages that resonate with potential clients. You'll gain insights into optimizing your efforts for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
Becoming an Industry Expert & Thought Leader
This module teaches you how to enhance your market knowledge, stay ahead of industry trends, and share your insights through engaging content. Learn how to build a reputable brand that attracts clients and sets you up as a trusted advisor in your community.
Mastering Effective Communication
This week focuses on honing your communication skills to effectively negotiate, persuade, and connect with clients. Learn the nuances of verbal and non-verbal communication, how to listen actively, and the importance of empathy in building lasting relationships. By the end of this module, you'll be adept at conveying your messages clearly and persuasively.
Developing Your Online Presence & Brand
This week guides you through creating a compelling online brand, from your website to social media platforms. Learn how to engage with your audience online, utilize SEO to enhance visibility, and create content that showcases your expertise and properties. Discover strategies to stand out in a crowded online marketplace.
Negotiation Mastery
This module covers everything from preparing for negotiations, understanding the psychology of buying and selling, to closing techniques that work. Gain the confidence to navigate complex negotiations and secure the best outcomes for your clients and yourself.
Lead Nurturing & Closing Techniques
Learn how to maintain engagement, build trust, and smoothly transition leads through the sales funnel. Discover the keys to overcoming objections and closing deals with confidence, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business.
Client Relationship Management & Referrals
This week focuses on strategies for effective client management, delivering exceptional service, and fostering a referral culture. Learn how to exceed expectations and create advocates for your brand, ensuring a steady stream of new business.
The Effective Listing Presentation
This module covers the essentials of crafting and delivering impactful presentations, using visual aids effectively, and tailoring your approach to meet client needs. Learn the techniques that make your listings stand out and capture the interest of both sellers and buyers.
Advanced Closing Strategies
This week delves into the psychology of closing, advanced negotiation techniques, and the use of technology in sealing the deal. Discover how to close efficiently, handling objections with ease and securing the sale.
Objection Handling Like A Pro
This module equips you with the skills to address and overcome common and complex objections, ensuring you can navigate through potential deal-breakers with confidence. Learn to listen, empathize, and respond in ways that reassure clients and keep the transaction moving forward.
Applying Principles To Real-Life
This final week is dedicated to practical exercises, case studies, and role-playing scenarios that simulate real-world challenges. Gain hands-on experience, refine your skills, and prepare to apply your knowledge effectively in your real estate career.

Don't Trust Me, Trust Our 100s Of Agents Who Are Getting Results...

"Great coaching program by Tyler!  He is so knowledgeable, and also has an excellent teaching style.  Highly recommend Rex Coaching."
Real Estate Agent
"I joined the team not knowing a single thing about being a real estate salesperson. My experience with Tyler has been transformative because I am now confidently closing deals, servicing a network of clients, and leveraging the tools he taught me to help grow my business from nothing.

Technical skills can be learned anywhere, but it's the soft skills that Tyler has mastered, making his coaching style truly excellent.

Tyler's education model works because he understands what is necessary to succeed in this industry. A review summed up in a few words simply does not do this coaching service justice."
Real Estate Agent
"I can honestly say Rex coaching has taken my career to another level. From the actual real estate knowledge all the way to the sales skills needed to be a top performer in this industry.. the coaching program covers it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting at completely zero, or if you’re already an experienced realtor.. the curriculum shows you how to get from where you are, to where you want to be & will literally cut your learning curve in half.  Positioning you in a way to succeed as fast as possible.

Highly recommend, 1000% worth the investment 10x over."
Paul Demaria
Real Estate Agent
"Amazing insight! There’s a reason Tyler and his team are top producers of Royal LePage month after month. Success leaves clues and lucky for me Tyler gladly shares these clues with us. Incredible opportunity to watch and learn from the master himself. Completely changed my outlook and performance in my business. Grateful to Tyler for everything he’s done for me."
Real Estate Agent
"REX is the Rolls Royce of real estate coaching. There is no other coach that will allow you to scale your business to its absolute max like REX. I went from 2-3 deal per year to 25+ in my first year with REX. You can’t make this up. There’s no “secret sauce” to your success as a realtor, but REX is the next closest thing to that."
Real Estate Agent
"I had the honour and privilege of being directly mentored by Tyler McLay at REX Coaching. REX Coaching produces the upper echelon of real estate professionals, plain and simple. Top tier Realtors that dominate the game and eat up market share.

Not only does REX Coaching equip you with relevant market insight, technical real restate education and a library of creative deal tactics, but it will help you articulate your added value to the market place in a way that distinguishes you as the obvious choice amongst a sea of less than qualified Real Estate Agents. Thanks to the REX Coaching program, I was able to more than triple my income within my first 2 years in the business. REX Coaching works. Highly recommended, worth the investment 10 times over."
Real Estate Agent

REX Coaching Impact

Get Lifetime Access to REX Coaching Impact Modules.
One time fee of $5,800. No hidden charges.
40+ Hour Impact Training Modules
Advanced Closing Strategies
12 Week with 12 Major Topics
Objection Handling Like A Pro
REX Certification Upon Completion
Client Relationship & Referrals
Free VIP Ticket to Live Seminar Included
Personal Branding / Industry Expert
Mindset & Professional Development
Worksheets and Action Plans
Strategic Lead Generation
Downloadable Workbook
Communication & Negotiation Mastery
Immediate Access. Secure Purchase. Risk-Free.

ONE to ONE Coaching With Tyler

Weekly high energy phone calls with industry leading agent and coach, Tyler McLay: 30 minutes each - tailored action plan specific to you, your goals and personality. Impossible not to amplify your commissions with this custom, curated approach. The best investment you can make, best value!
Access to Bi-Weekly Group Training Sessions (As Long As You’re A Member)
Access to ALL Online Resources and Content from Bi-Weekly Training Sessions
Discounted Live Seminar Tickets
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Bi-Weekly Group Training Sessions

Bi weekly zoom sessions, every other Wednesday morning with Tyler! Reinvigorate your business and get inspired to tackle the weeks ahead! Each session will be a detailed deep dive into a relevant element of the real estate business. Limited to 99 members per zoom session. Q&A session included.
Access to ALL Online Resources and Content from Bi-Weekly Training Sessions
Discounted Live Seminar Tickets
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Frequently asked questions

What does a real estate coaching program entail?
Our real estate coaching program is a comprehensive training and support system designed to help you excel in the real estate industry. It includes personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, access to valuable resources, and strategies to enhance your skills in areas such as negotiation, marketing, and client relations. Our program is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, providing you with the tools and knowledge needed for success in the real estate market.
Is this program suitable for both new and experienced real estate professionals?
Absolutely. Our real estate coaching program is designed to benefit individuals at all stages of their real estate careers. Whether you're just starting out in the industry or are a seasoned professional looking to refine your skills and expand your business, our program can be customized to meet your unique needs. We provide a flexible curriculum that adapts to your level of experience, ensuring that you get the most value from our coaching.
How can real estate coaching help me succeed in the industry?
Real estate coaching can significantly impact your success in the industry by providing you with expert guidance, industry insights, and strategies to thrive in a competitive market. Our coaching program is designed to help you sharpen your sales skills, improve lead generation, and stay ahead of market trends and so much more. With the support of our experienced coaches, you can navigate challenges and reach your professional goals more effectively.
Who are the coaches in the program, and what qualifications do they have?
Our lead coach, Tyler McLay, brings over a decade of invaluable experience in the real estate industry. Tyler holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Master of Real Estate Investment (MREI) degree, ensuring that you receive guidance from a knowledgeable and qualified expert. His extensive background and dedication to coaching make him an excellent resource for your real estate journey.
What is the cost of the real estate coaching program, are payment plans available?
To discuss pricing details and available program options, please reach out directly to Tyler McLay. He will provide you with comprehensive information on the cost of our coaching program and can work with you to explore payment plans that suit your budget and goals. Tyler is committed to making our coaching accessible and valuable to all aspiring real estate professionals. Feel free to contact him for more information.